Research Group


Graduate Students

Headshot of Gang Kai Poh

Gang Kai Poh

First year AOSS graduate student doing dissertation research in magnetospheric physics and space weather applications.

Headshot of Wei-Jie Sun

Wei-Jie Sun

Visiting third year graduate student from Peking University (Advisor: Professor Suiyan Fu) where his doctoral research is focused on the magnetospheric substorms and the dipolarization process in the near-tail.

Here in AOSS he is carrying out the first systematic analysis of substorm processes in Mercury’s magnetotail.


Research Fellows

Headshot of Suzanne Imber

Suzanne Imber

THEMIS and MESSENGER science including plasmoid-type flux rope formation in the magnetotails of Earth and Mercury; Flux Transfer Event formation and transport at Mercury; Automated magnetic flux rope detection using data mining tools (Collaboration with Prof. Karimabadi/Univ. California at San Diego).

Dr. Imber has an appointment in the Space Physics Group at the University of Leicester. Her research at University of Michigan is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Headshot of Daniel Gershman

Daniel Gershman

MESSENGER science focused on the nature and role of planetary ions in Mercury’s magnetosphere.

He is supported by the MESSENGER mission.

Headshot of Jamie Jasinski

Jamie Jasinski

Cassini and MESSENGER science focused on magnetopause reconnection, flux transfer rates, and structure of the magnetospheric cusps.

Grad Students

Headshot of Gina Dibraccio

Gina DiBraccio

Third year AOSS graduate student doing dissertation research into the nature and impact of magnetic reconnection on magnetospheric dynamics at Mercury.

Ms. DiBraccio is supported by the MESSENGER Project.

Headshot of Nicole Pothier

Nicole Pothier

First year AOSS graduate student doing dissertation research in magnetospheric physics with space weather applications.

Undergraduate Researchers

Headshot of Xin Li

Xin Li

Third year undergraduate participating in MESSENGER research.